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Fiat Panda

Compact Size

The Fiat Panda's nimble dimensions ensure easy navigation on narrow island roads and seamless parking in tight spaces.

Reliable Preformance

Renters can trust the Fiat Pand to deliver consistent and dependable performance throughout their island adventures.

Powerful Engine (1250cc)

The Fiat Panda's engine offers abundant power to conquer diverse island terrain with ease, ensuring renters enjoy a smooth and thrilling driving experience.

Our Services

Direct Service

We maintain an in-house service team dedicated in addressing any issue that may arise with your vehicle.

Personalized Exploration

Our premier car rental service offers personalized exploration suggestions, ensuring an enriching journey tailored to your preferences.

Navigate Island Wonders

Our esteemed car rental service goes beyond providing transportation by offering comprehensive insights into the island's heritage and general information. From historical landmarks to local attractions and practical tips, let us enrich your journey with valuable knowledge, ensuring a memorable and informed exploration of our island.

We Offer

Check In at Your Preferred Location

You may check in either at the port or at a location of your convenience.

Free Baby Seats

We provide complimentary baby seats to ensure your baby's safety during your journey.

Pay with Cash or Card

You have the flexibility to settle your payment using either cash or card, according to your preference.

Pay On Arrival

You have the option to pay upon arrival on the island.

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